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Articles by Geri

white and yellow playing cards

Be amazed.

The other night a friend called and was super excited about a new Oracle card deck she was gifted. She’s kind of just stepping in

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Are you happy?

I have this sign hanging on the wall of my living room that says, hap • pi • nessn. liking what you do It’s a

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Man it’s freeing!

This is going to touch on something I mentioned in my last blog, but I guess I’m just finding where I am right now to

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Stay on your own mat.

I’m a Yogi, meaning I have a regular Yoga practice. There’s this saying in Yoga that goes, ‘Stay on your own mat.’ In other words,

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I think we should.

Yesterday I had my first appointment with my ‘regular’ medical professional…my P.A. whom I adore…since the issues from last year ended. And it was awesome.

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