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Let’s all…

As I write this I can’t believe I’m going to end it with Happy 4th of July! Meaning, how did this happen again? How is it already the end of June?! It’s true what they say, as you get older time goes by faster.

Today, instead of writing about one thing in particular, one thing I can’t seem to come up with, I’m just going to kind of go all stream of consciousness on us all. Ready?

On this long weekend, and really every weekend, and really every day…let’s all:

• Be kind to one another because we have no idea what someone else is going through.
• Stop every hour, close your eyes and focus on your breathing.
• If you need help, ask for it.
• Don’t assume everyone who’s part of a certain group you don’t like is someone you shouldn’t like.
• Love yourself.
• Treat yourself like you treat your best friend.
• Don’t sweat the small stuff.
• Remember it’s usually small stuff.
• God/Spirit/Universe (whatever you call it) really IS in divine order.
• Tell your friends how much you love them and what they mean to you.
• Laugh until you cry as often as possible.
• Limit your time on social media.
• Don’t get your news on social media.
• Better yet, get off of social media.
• Do your own research.
• Love on your animals every chance you get.
• Get out in nature.
• Walk barefoot as often as possible.
• Talk to yourself.
• Talk to your loved ones whom have passed.
• Never work on your birthday.
• Respect the opinions of others even if they don’t match yours.
• Remember that really, it’s all just opinion.
• Don’t fight against, root for.
• Pay attention to how you’re spending your energy.
• Always reach for a better feeling thought.
• Worrying is pre-paving. So stop that.
• Read. A lot.
• Meditate in whatever way works for you.
• Take naps.
• Move in whatever way works for you every day.
• Recognize that life is short. Really short.
• Don’t waste your time regretting something.
• Strive to be as authentic as possible. (Not perfect, authentic. There’s a difference.)
• Stop ‘shoulding’ on yourself.

There. I feel better.

Wishing everyone in the U.S. a very happy, healthy and fun 4th of July weekend!

Live and learn with love…

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