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Intuitive Healing with Geri Karabin

Eliminate worry, move in the right direction and become the best you can be through intuitive healing services with Geri Karabin.

Geri Karabin is dedicated to authentically holding space for humans and animals in order to facilitate growth, learning and guidance on earth and in the spiritual realm.

About Geri Karabin

Once you start to open up your intuition, you kind of can’t stop. As my ability to read energy and connect with those whom have crossed has deepened, so has my commitment to being of service to people who need help understanding, grieving, and healing.

I strive to help clients find clarity and relief through energetic sessions that allow us to dive deeper into the messages the universe is sending you.

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Why Choose Geri


Geri strives to be as authentic as possible in all that she does. Owning the good, bad and ugly, but always learning and hopefully growing.


Geri aims to lead with compassion in all that she does. No matter how hard a situation may be, if we find compassion we find clarity and ease.


Geri wants nothing more than for the people around her to feel they can speak freely. She prides herself on being ’safe space’ for all.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Frequently Asked Questions

Animal Communication sessions are held over the phone, or via FB chat or Zoom. (If you would like to utilize FB or Zoom, please email Geri and let her know.) Once you book your session you will receive a number and code to use at the time of your call. During an Animal Reading Geri first reads you, the human, then moves on to the animal. The goal in one of these readings is to find the Soul Level Lesson the animal is trying to teach you. For a 30 minute reading Geri asks that you bring 1 to 3 questions for the animal. For a 55 minute reading bring 3 to 5. If the Animal Geri is reading is alive, she’ll also do a body scan of the Animal and share with you what the Animal is bringing her attention to.

If you’re local, Geri can meet with you in her office or you can talk over the phone. If you’re not in her area, you’ll simply talk over the phone.

You can schedule a session by visiting the Services section of this site and clicking on the service you’d like to purchase. You’ll then be taken to Geri’s booking site where you can book and pay for your session.

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