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Articles by Geri

Some things going on…

So it turned Fall today here in Southeast NC. Temps in the low 60s finally! And with fall comes change and preparation for the upcoming

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Re-souling my first shoe…

A friend of mine recently started her own radio show where she talks about mostly women’s issues. Helping to teach, sharing, empowering, etc. Last week

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Let it simmer.

My dear friend and I recently had a conversation about ‘the times in between.’ Let me explain. As it happens, she and I are very

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Let’s all…

As I write this I can’t believe I’m going to end it with Happy 4th of July! Meaning, how did this happen again? How is

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One more thing…

Last week I wrote about giving ourselves space before we react to something.The space to figure out if that ‘thing’ we may be reacting to

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