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Let it simmer.

My dear friend and I recently had a conversation about ‘the times in between.’ Let me explain. As it happens, she and I are very much in to the Law of Attraction and we really ‘work it’ so to speak. Hence, we tend to manifest things pretty quickly. Really good things! (Okay, and sometimes not so good things, but that’s another blog post…) When I spoke with her last week, she was manifesting all these great things like right and left. And we were laughing because just a couple of weeks ago, it felt like nothing was happening on this big project she’s working on and things weren’t working out the way she wanted them to.

That’s when we started talking…for like the millionth time…about how we need to just sit back and relax during those times it felt like nothing good was coming our way. When we felt like all the manifesting work we were doing was for nothing. When we felt like the Universe wasn’t listening to us. As we were talking about all of this I saw the word ‘simmer.’ And I was like, THAT’S IT!!!!

We’re all putting our wants and desires out there. All day everyday. Because we know what we don’t want, we automatically know what we do want. So when we focus on those things we do want, and feel them within ourselves, the Universe says, ‘Got it. It’s on its way.’ And then, we need to go along with our days and just allow those things to happen. In the time frame they’re suppose to happen.

And that’s the part that trips us up. We’re uncomfortable with ‘the times in between’ the good things coming to us. We want it NOW! But the thing is, as she said…

How boring would it be if we got exactly what we wanted the second we wanted it?

It was a great reminder that if we believe in the Universal Law of Attraction, we have to believe that all that we focus on is coming to us. But we have to give the Universe time to orchestrate it even better than we could if it was all up to us.

When you’re cooking a pot of yummy rice, you bring it too a boil, then drop the heat down to simmer. And that’s when the magic happens.

Let it simmer for a bit.

And know that it’s going to be delicious….

Live and learn with love…

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