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Meet Geri Karabin

"Once you start to open up your intuition, you kind of can’t stop."

I started my journey as a Human & Animal Psychic Medium via my Shamanic training where I really had to open up my intuition. Shamanism took me to Animal Communication which in turn took me to Mediumship. But opening up like this, at least at first, was definitely not easy. I come from a family that is way uncomfortable about their feelings. We didn’t and still don’t share. And we definitely don’t acknowledge ‘woo-woo’ stuff like intuition, animal communication, and talking to Spirit. Case in point, my grandmother was a Psychic Medium, but I didn’t even know that until I was in high school because, again, we didn’t talk about those kinds of things. To this day, my father refers to her (lovingly?) as ‘a whack job.’ So imagine what’s going on in my head when I decide to learn how to help someone heal via energy and connection, talking to animals and dead people. Kind of funny when I think about it now.

But the thing is, once you start to open up your intuition, you kind of can’t stop. As my ability to read energy and connect with those whom have crossed has deepened, so has my commitment to being of service to people who need help understanding, grieving, and healing.

In addition, the animals in our lives are actually here to help us grow. They have messages for us. They’re looking out for us whether they’re still here with us, or have passed on. And the same goes for the humans in our lives whom have crossed over to Spirit. They too are still with us and still have messages for us. It’s just up to us to listen. Are you ready?

My Work is an Honor

“Connecting with humans and animals energetically, to me, is an honor. Whether I’m helping a client move through grief by bringing through a loved one in Spirit, or helping them understand the behavior of their animal, I look at it as being of service and helping them heal.“
I am a proud member of The Animal Communication Collective where we support Animal Welfare Organizations by giving voice to animals. For upcoming events click here.

Meet the Team



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What Our Clients Are Saying

Why Choose Geri


Geri strives to be as authentic as possible in all that she does. Owning the good, bad and ugly, but always learning and hopefully growing.


Geri aims to lead with compassion in all that she does. No matter how hard a situation may be, if we find compassion we find clarity and ease.


Geri wants nothing more than for the people around her to feel they can speak freely. She prides herself on being ’safe space’ for all.

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