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You just have to trust.

Earlier this week I had to fill in and teach a webinar called ‘Opening the Psychic Senses.’ In this 5-week webinar we’re taking each of the senses, learning a bit about it, then playing with it via a few exercises. This week we played with Clairvoyance (psychic sight) and Clairsentience (psychic feeling). So in the exercise I had my students set an intention to connect with the object I was holding in my mind…not in my hand. In other words, they couldn’t see the object. I also asked them to set an intention to receive the information they were going to receive via Clairsentience. So I wanted them to simply connect and then tell me only what they were feeling.

After giving the students a couple of minutes to do that I asked them to share what they got. Most of them said things like, ‘I feel warm,’ ‘I feel held,’ ‘I feel so loved!’ and one said something like, ‘I feel all of those things plus a sense of missing something or someone.’ So after everyone shared I held up the object I was holding in my mind so they could physically see what it was. It was a pair of tortoise shell reading glasses. Now of course, being human, many of the students were really disappointed that they were ‘wrong.’ That they didn’t pick up ANY correct information about the object. And they were wrong….

But not about that.

Truth is they DID pick up AMAZING information about the object. You see, the glasses were my Mom’s. I have had them since the day she passed several years ago. So those feelings of warmth, being held, being loved, and missing someone or something were actually REALLY, REALLY good.

I talk to students all the time about how we have to step away from right and wrong in doing this work. We have to trust that the information we receive in a reading is exactly what the person we’re reading for needs to hear. And in this case…

It really was exactly what I needed to hear.

Live and learn in Munay.

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