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A Super Soul Weekend.

This past weekend I attended an annual event here on Oak Island at my friend’s Wellness Center. We call it ‘Super Soul Saturday’ which is well, a super cool name. It’s basically just a group of what I call ‘light workers’ (folks who practice things like Energy Medicine, Reiki, Massage, Sound Therapy, etc.) who get together to share what they do with the local community. I was there talking about Animal Communication and all things intuitive.

One of the things that kept coming up as I spoke with people about their animals and how I communicate with them was the fact that when folks hire an Animal Communicator, nine times out of ten it’s in order to ‘fix’ their animal. They want me to communicate with their animals and tell them to stop doing that thing that is pissing their human off! The thing is, and the thing I was talking a lot about this weekend, was the fact that those behaviors our animals are exhibiting are often times being exhibited in order to help US fix OUR behavior. In other words, our animals are acting that way on purpose in order to help us. And in fact, the reason our animals are in our lives at all is simply to help teach us lessons. And it’s not the ‘I’m going to teach you a lesson!’ like your Mom would say as she wagged her index finger at you, it’s those soul level lessons. Things to help us better ourselves and our lives. Things to help us grow and expand.

Here’s the thing, I know there a people out there who aren’t going to buy in to that. And that’s totally fine. My job isn’t to make everyone in the world ‘get it.’ But it’s pretty darn cool when I can talk to a small handful of people and watch them walk away with a new understanding and new respect for the animals around them. So all in all…

It was a pretty cool weekend.

Live and learn in Munay.

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