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It’s a very good thing.

The other day I had what I guess I’ll call a ‘Health Day.’ First thing in the morning I had an appointment with my PA to go over some blood work and tweak a prescription. Midday I saw my Reiki Master so she could make sure the energy was running smoothly and walk me through a specific meditation. And late that afternoon I saw my acupuncturist to open up some blockages. The cool thing about all this is that they all know about one another, they all get it, and they are all willing to work together WITH me and FOR me. Haven’t we come a long way?!

I was thinking about how I say this to people sometimes when we’re having these very deep, spiritual, okay I’ll say it…WOO WOO conversations. When we talk about intuition, our psychic abilities, the law of attraction, mediumship, animal communication, Reiki, Shamanism… I say that three hundred or so years ago we would be burned at the stake for even having the conversations let alone partaking in the practices. Now I am able to work with folks from all sides of the ‘medical’ arena. AND, I’m able to put it out there in the world that I’m able to help people by energetically connecting to their animals and their guides and help them change their lives. Kind of amazing when you think about it, huh?

Now obviously not everyone in the world or even my little part of it agrees with this. Not everyone is open to these types of practices. And that’s okay, everyone’s really on their own journey. But the fact that so many ARE okay with it, and ARE dipping their toes in really means something. Again…

Just look how far we’ve come.

In my opinion and as Martha Stewart used to say…THAT is a very good thing.

Live and learn in Munay.

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