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Universe, could you throw me a bone?

The other day I read for a lost animal. Meaning someone contacted me for an Animal Communication reading because their animal had broken his lead and took off and they couldn’t find him. I love and I hate these readings. I love them because they will often lead to finding the animal. I hate them because they also often don’t. Not all Communicators read for lost animals. Either because they don’t receive information in concrete ways, meaning they get a lot of symbolism, or because you have to really…I mean REALLY…manage your energy and find a place of non-attachment to the outcome. Because being in a super relaxed, open, managed state is the only way you can receive information. And if you’re all concerned about the animal and attached to the outcome (which of course you are), it’s crazy hard to receive info.

I tend to receive information in very concrete ways which lends itself to these kinds of readings. And to be honest, again, I don’t really like them, but I feel if I’m able to do it, I sort of have to. Like if there’s even a slight chance that I can either help locate the animal, or give the human closure if I receive information that the animal has crossed, then I have to do it. It’s just hard to say no.

But here’s the other thing. Sometimes the animals in our lives who go missing do it on purpose. They don’t want to be found. Animals in the wild do this all the time. If they know they’re sick and about to cross, then will remove themselves from the herd and find a safe place to make their transition. Have you ever had an animal who was close to the end of its life and you noticed him or her pulling away from you, the family, and the other animals in the household? Same thing. Before each reading I do for a lost animal I explain to the client that there are no guarantees, that I can only pass on the information the animal gives me, that the information may NOT be an address of where they are, that the animal may not want to be found, and that that itself may be part of the lesson the animal is working with their human on. It’s a lot.

We’re not supposed to bring our egos in to this work. It’s not about me hearing from the client, ‘Wow! You just got my personality exactly right!’ or ‘Amazing! My dog IS sleeping on a blue bed right next to me!’ And again, I’m supposed to be really unattached to the outcome of this recent reading. I did my job by passing on the information I received from the animal. But man, I could really use a win here. NOT for my ego, but so I know that I should continue with this particular type of reading. As they say,“Universe, could you throw me a bone?”

Or in this case, a dog?

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