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What Have I Done?

So I have some big news. The kind of news that’s both terrifying and super, crazy exciting. The best kind because I’m really looking forward to this thing but it’s also bringing up a lot of ‘stuff’ for me. In other words, more personal work. As usual…

So way back at the beginning of the summer I applied to a two year Mediumship Mentoring/Coaching program with a well respected Psychic Medium. As a Soul Level Animal Communicator® I’m used to connecting with animals whom have crossed. And frankly, I love when I get the chance to do that because it really can give their humans some much needed closure and lessen their grief. So as I’ve continued to grow in this work I’ve often wondered if I can do it with humans in spirit too. Connecting with humans in spirit is a lot harder and I really don’t know if I have what it takes to do that.

And there’s also the grief aspect of it. Yes, there’s a ton of grief when I’m working with a human whose animal has passed, but those aren’t the only animal readings I do. I also do many with animals that are alive. In Mediumship, that’s not the case. So there is grief in every single reading. Pretty daunting to think about actually. But, like I said in my last blog about reading for lost animals…if you are able to do it, you sort of have to. In other words, how could you NOT try to be of service to another person if you have the ability to?

After like a seven page application a few months ago and a fairly lengthy phone interview last month, I finally received the email that said, ‘You’re in.’ At which time I immediately forwarded it to my husband and wrote, ‘Holy sh#@$t! What have I done?’

So next month I’m off for my first weekend of intensive Mediumship training/study. And I hope beyond hope that some day in the not so distant future, I can be of service in this way too.

 Like I said, terrifying and exciting at the same time.

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