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Pat Altendorfer

I was introduced to Geri via a charitable event for an organization that provides care, love and hope for cats to be placed in a forever home.  Geri had donated her services for the on-line auction and I won!  I did not go in to the reading skeptical, but this was my first time getting a reading for my pet kids.  I chose her to read Benny, my oldest feline kid.  I wanted to get some help with what I felt he has been trying to tell me the past several years. Geri helped me put meaning behind behaviors and actions and confirmed what I felt he was trying to tell me.  The things that she brought to my attention were spot on and there is no way she would have known any of it as I am not a big social media player so my Facebook page does not contain personal things for anyone to have previewed.  After the reading, I felt like I had clarity as to how to proceed with Benny, and to take each day as a gift, let go, enjoy and simply love one another.  Benny is special to me and a Momma’s boy and I am proud to be his human.  Thank you Geri, you will make the future for Benny and I even more special.  You truly have a gift and I am blessed that you shared it with me and Benny.

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