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Karin and Shawn Mizell

The surprising thing about my reading was that Geri pegged the breed of my dog, his coloring and that he was mixed breed! She was specific and nailed it. I learned that my dog Savage helps my other dogs with their journey, while he is on the other side. It was exciting to know that Savage is still truly connected to us on the other side. Geri told us that he was deeply connected to us still. She was amazed at the deep connection. I am always a bit skeptical. I was nervous that I would be disappointed and sad after, because I wanted so badly to connect with my Savage. What convinced me was her knowledge of his breed and also his personality! He was DYNAMIC/ENERGETIC AND FULL OF LIFE….in more ways than one. She picked that up. She was honest too. I didn’t ever feel like she was saying what she thought I wanted to hear. I also appreciated that she asked me not to give her much info. She wanted to figure it out on her own. Although I want to touch, hug, snuggle and physically love on Savage and boy does it tear me up inside to not be able to do so anymore…..Geri and Savage have helped me along the path of learning to build my relationship with him in a non physical way. I am truly excited to start my NEW relationship with my dear friend. To know how deeply he still tries to connect with me, means A TON!! I felt LOVE after this reading. I felt laughter from some of the things she picked up that was sooooo him. What were once sad tears are now turning into happy, memory tears. My husband and I have not been able to watch any videos we created with him. We haven’t been able to look at pictures. After the reading we were then brave enough to watch a video we made with Savage. We held hands and found ourselves laughing with BIG TEARS, but like I said…they were happy, memory tears. I had a feeling that is something that made Savage the happiest in that moment. So quite possibly not only is Geri helping us, but helping Savage too. Geri, I can not say thank u enough! This is so therapeutic! You are lovely,  you are WONDERFUL and I can’t wait to chat with you again.

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