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Caroline N.

I was really skeptical about working with Geri – not because of Geri, but because I wasn’t sure whether this work would, well, actually work.  But it did, it really did! She asked only to know my dog’s name, his gender and whether he was alive or dead.  So, after giving her this information, she then proceeded to determine his age approximately and really ‘got’ his personality completely.  This was initially hugely comforting to me, because I’ve missed him so much.  Then, later in the session, it was really helpful to know that he had a message for me and what that message was.  It made a big dent in the grief I’ve had over his death and it’s helped me to feel stronger in myself just as a person.  I expect I will continue to miss him for quite a while, but knowing that he’s happy and well makes the sadness I also feel a bit more tolerable.  Thank you, Geri!

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