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Jodie Palella

I went into my session with Geri with good expectations. I was however blown away by the  amount of information she provided and the 100% accuracy of it all. I’d been feeling like I was getting to a good place spiritually and emotionally when suddenly the good feelings stopped. I came to Geri for guidance hoping that she’d help get me  get back on the right track. I was surprised to find that the cause of my horse Ciscos undesirable behavior was actually a message from him saying I needed to focus. I was equally surprised when she said she got the same message from my other horse. I felt very comfortable with Geri during our session. She read me, my horses and she spoke to my guides, it was amazing! I felt that she was very honest with me in the information she provided. Hearing some of it left me with mixed emotions and feeling a bit frightened about the choices I had to make regarding my future. I’m thrilled with the outcome of this season and will definitely be continuing to work with Geri in the future. 

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