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Take control and feel great. Period. With a capital P.

As an animal communicator I’ve learned that our animals are TOTALLY on our side and TOTALLY taking care of us and working with us and sending us messages all the time. I work with clients every day giving them these messages. And lately, I’ve been getting a lot of them myself and it’s felt kind of amazing to know that my own animals are with me on the journey I’m currently on. 

So as most of you know I’m now at the tail end of my chemo treatments. Like as you read this I will have 1 left. (You have NO idea how good it feels to say that. Actually, some of you do!) And of course, my animals have been with me on this journey. My Shepherd Gigi has always what we call ‘mirrored’ my behavior. If I’m upset, she’s upset. If I’m sad, she’s sulky and sad. The hubby has been known to tell me to ‘get my act together’ whenever Gigi happens to be puking or experiencing other things I don’t want to spell out in the back yard. I know, TMI. 

Yesterday (as I’m writing this) while at my second to last treatment I found out that my doctor unexpectedly went on maternity leave. Meaning she had the baby seven weeks early! (Mom and baby are fine!) But that left another doctor ‘in charge’ of the office while she’s away. And I don’t like this other doctor. She was my Mom’s oncologist and is most definitely not a people person. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a good oncologist, she just cares more about killing cancer than she does about the actual patient. I purposely chose NOT to have her as my doctor. So yesterday it really felt to me like she was on a bit of a power/control trip. She was very unhappy that the hubby was in the waiting room having been given permission by my doctor (the one on leave now) to come back to the infusion room to help with the Cold Cap that we use so I haven’t lost my hair. And she was making him kind of jump through hoops and being quite rude to him via the nurses. And the poor nurses were all being very apologetic about it. I have no idea if she remembers who I am and that’s why she was being snarky or if it was like I said just a power trip. My point in mentioning this is because I was getting pissed. Like with a capital P. And it really took all I had NOT to go up to her and say, ‘Listen B&$TCH, you’re not my doctor. My doctor gave us permission. And oh BTW, you work for me. This is MY treatment and MY protocol. So back the f off.’ Like I said, capital P. What I did do was make the decision that I was NOT going to let this doctor upset me or make these types of decisions for me. That I was going to take control over my treatments and do whatever I had to do to make whatever was right for me happen.

So when I got home I was all full of piss and vinegar. And so was Gigi. Later that afternoon I took her outside in to the back yard and she wanted to play. So I started throwing a stick. Over and over and over and we were having a blast. Now Gigi is a 12 and 1/2 year old German Shepherd. So usually two throws and she’s like, ‘I’m good mom.’ Not yesterday. She was full of the p too apparently. Again, mirroring me and giving me a great message…

When you take control of your personal power. You just feel great. Period. With a capital P.

Live and Learn with love.

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