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Cards anyone?

I know I’ve shared blog posts in the past about certain cards that I’ve drawn before my morning meditation or at various times during my day. I just love cards because they REALLY tell it like it is and give you some amazing messages. When I say ‘cards’ I mean Tarot, or Angel, or Animal Oracle cards. They come in decks and usually have absolutely beautiful artwork and some sort of message which you can then look up in the accompanying book for a deeper meaning. Or, you can pull a card, close your eyes, and let it tell you what it means to you. You can also do different types of readings. Meaning pull only one card, or a three card spread, or a nine card spread (usually explained in the book). Or you can just use them in a way that you’re called to.

Even though I do what I do, meaning work with energy, intuition, guides, Spirit, etc. on a regular basis, I’m STILL blown away everyday by the messages I receive and how those messages keep coming. Especially if you don’t really listen to them the first time they come. Every Friday I have a one hour phone call with a fellow Intuitive where we kind of energetically check in with one another. We’ll often come to these calls with something going on in our lives that we’re looking for direction for or clarity on. So we each get to speak and then we tap in to eachother’s energy and share what psychic hits we’re getting. So during the past several calls, my colleague gets the message for me that it’s time for me to spread my wings, that it’s time for me to break away from things that are no longer serving me, that’s it’s time for me to step in to this work in a bigger way. And I love this message, but am finding that I’m having some trouble doing it. But like I said, if we don’t listen to the message, or just don’t get it, God/Spirit/Universe just gives it to us in another way or from another light worker.

Last week we recorded an episode for our podcast, The Psychic Wives (www.thepsycyicwives.com). We had guest Julie Ann Gadziala, a fellow Medium, but also channeler (www.julieanngadziala.com). We talked a lot about how she works and what a client receives in a session, but then she also channeled and received messages for all three of us. To say the least, my messages brought me to tears. And guess what they were? That it was time for me to spread my wings, that awesome things were coming for me in the future, that it was okay that I’m currently taking some time for myself, but that things are about to open up wide, and she said she saw a future working with both human and animal  hospice for me. Super cool right there. In other words, the messages she brought through for me were the messages I’ve been getting for weeks in my call with my colleague. 

Then this. Today after my call, I pulled a card. Grasshopper Spirit. “Take a leap of faith.” I won’t write out the whole thing but here is the gist of it:

“Right now, you are poised to jump up into the next level of your life and move forward into something even better than you could have ever imagined. When Grasshopper Spirit appears, it is a fortuitous time to take a leap into the unknown…Wonderous things await when Grasshopper Spirit appears. You are not going to go backward, so listen to you intuition rather than your fearful ego that resists any change and clings worriedly to what was.”

The Spirit Animal Oracle – Colette Baron-Reid

So yea, there it is again. When I say ‘you can’t make this s&##t up, I really mean it. You just can’t. Cause God/Spirit/Universe will just keep giving it to you until you get it. And then they move on to the next thing they want you to start working on.

Like I said, I love my cards. So my advice to anyone wanting to start receiving message of their own is to get some. Look on Amazon or Hay House and you’ll see a TON of decks of all kinds. But, for me, it’s always better to head over to your local metaphysical shop, or even regular book shops have them now, and see which deck calls to you. Pick them up, close your eyes and feel. 

Their messages will amaze you.

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