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Let’s show a little unconditional love.

Last week I posted the picture above on IG (@geri_karabin_intuitive) of my dog sitting on my new loveseat. The picture included my old ottoman in front of the love seat. Now, whereas I’d like to say that we’re the kind of family that doesn’t normally let the dogs up on the furniture…I can’t. Because we are. However, as it turns out, the new furniture is about 4 or 5 inches taller than the old furniture which means that our almost 12 year old German Shepherd Dog can no longer easily step up on to the loveseat, sofa, or chair. So, as the new furniture didn’t come with an ottoman, what did we do? We brought the older, lower, and not even remotely matching one back in to the living room so she could use it as a stepping stool to get up on the new furniture. And then we ordered a $200 brand new ottoman that more closely matches that new furniture…

At first, the hubby and I were laughing, looking at each other asking, “Who does this for their dogs?!” But then I started getting comments on that IG post and I realized that a LOT of folks do this kind of thing for their dogs. Because, well they’re their dogs (and cats and guinea pigs and ferrets, etc.) Because they give us that absolute unconditional love that we can depend on no matter what. Especially when we have those days when we feel like we can’t depend on it from anyone else.

No matter how many animals I connect with and read, never have I come across one that isn’t trying to love, support, and guide their human in some way. They have mastered that unconditional love for us. It doesn’t matter if we act like a fool, yell at our spouse, burn dinner, bounce a check, or blow off cleaning the bathroom. They still look at us with complete and totally adoration in their eyes. And man does that feel good. So I ask you…What have you done for the animals in your life lately?

Nothing? Then what are you waiting for?

Let’s show a little unconditional love.

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