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I rarely get sick. Unfortunately, when I do, I get really sick. So last weekend the hubby started feeling a little achy, etc. I wasn’t really worried because like I said, I rarely get sick. And then I woke up Wednesday morning with a whooping case of the crud. Cold? Flu? Honestly, I really don’t know the difference. Let’s just say I could barely function. 

Now sometimes being super tired or a little sick actually works in your favor when you do the kind of thing I do. Because…at least when I’m sick…I get what I call ‘disconnected head.’ In other words, my left brain isn’t really functioning correctly which leaves my right brain wide open. And that’s what you need to access to connect psychically with humans and animals. So anyway, I figured I might be able to do a reading or two. Wrong. As I said, really sick. So for the first time in a long time I basically just had to shut down. Rescheduled client readings, didn’t wake my computer for like 3 days, barely talked to anyone, and basically hunkered down on my sofa in the sunroom with my dogs and my cat.

And as I was doing that. Meaning nothing. I started to think. The last time I was this sick was almost 2 years ago. I remember it specifically because there was something not so nice going on between me and some people in my life. Now I know that according to most everyone in the world, we get sick when we’re exposed to germs. I, however, only get sick when I’m in a not-so-great place and therefore I ALLOW those germs to affect me. Yea, the germ has to be there, but I only get sick when I’m in a vulnerable place and I let it in. Like when I’m not feeling good about things going on, when I’m feeling threatened, or when I’m questioning myself. 

So, just like 2 years ago, this time I allowed the germ to come in because I was giving power to some people and things in my life that I really didn’t agree with…but then started thinking about. Was I actually in the wrong? Was I really the bad guy here? And once I let those thoughts in it kind of snowballed to the point where I was totally questioning myself and losing my power. Hence the flu/cold (Flold?).

Now here’s the thing. This isn’t about me needing everyone to say, ‘Oh Geri! You’re so good! Don’t listen to yucky people!’ What this IS about is reminding us all to not give our power away to anyone or anything. As Abraham-Hicks says, ‘Make a decision and line up with it.’ AND, if you’re coming from your heart space and doing the best that you can? Well then there really is nothing to question.

The good thing about being really sick…at least for me…is that as I’m sitting there curled up on my sofa with my animals, I really don’t care much about anything going on around me. Not being a jerk here it’s just that I have SUCH a low tolerance for being sick or off that I actually get kind of pissy. So when a thought comes in like, ‘Hmm. I wonder if they’re right? Maybe I should rethink such and such?’ My brain no longer has the capacity to do that. To question myself. To give someone else that power. It’s more like, ‘Whatever. Give me the remote.’ And ya know what?

Sometimes you really do just need to say, ‘whatever,’ and mean it.

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