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Find your tribe.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I’m now in a Mediumship study program. And whereas I thought this was going to be cool, I had no idea just HOW cool. So because I’m doing this…I’m DOING this. In other words I’m kind of all in. If I have the ability to do this work, I need to first be able to see that and then do it. But, of course, in order for both of those to happen, I have to study and more importantly practice before I add this to my list of services. So over the past couple of weeks I’ve reached out to several friends and asked them to be my ‘sitters’ and allow me to practice readings with them. And these have gone really well, better than I imagined, and I’ve learned from each of them. But…

I big part of practicing Mediumship is ‘sitting in Circle,’ meaning getting together on a regular basis and practicing your skills with other Mediums. This past week I did that for the first time. I’ll be honest. As I was logging in to the call I was thinking to myself, ‘Alright, let me just pop in and see what this is all about. See if I can get anything out of it. And then just quietly pop off the call when I’ve seen enough.’ Truth be told, I’m not a big ‘group’ person. As they say, I work alone. (Lol…) It’s no offense to anyone. I’ve just rarely seen a group come together and actually work the way it’s supposed to. There’s usually a hierarchy to these things and there’s usually an agenda…meaning a specific person’s or persons’ agenda. And things always seem to eventually come to a catty place where outside of the group folks are complaining to one another. Maybe that’s just my experience…. Anyway. Not here. 

I was blown away by this group. Yes, by the abilities of my fellow Mediums and by the quality of evidential information they were able to give to their ‘sitters,’ but also by the space they held for us ‘newbies’ there. They were encouraging but not pushy and they shared the knowledge that they had openly to everyone. In other words, the focus of the group was not any one person, but the thing that we were all working towards. Honing a craft to be of service. I left this first Circle armed with even more tools to offer up in my readings and I can’t wait to put them in to play. I also can’t wait to get back to this group. The moral of the story?

Find your tribe. 

Once you do, things just naturally start falling in to place.

Live and Learn in Munay…

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