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Lesson Time: How to create change.

It’s lesson time. (No, I’m not preaching to you. I think we all need a little reminder…I know I do.) So, there’s been a LOT of bad stuff going on lately. Some way worse than others, but a whole lot of doom and gloom in general. Now I don’t usually watch the news, but for some reason have gotten sucked in to it lately. Not good. But it’s like there’s so much going on that you can’t turn away. But we really need to. It’s been way too long, in my opinion, where there has been very, very little that you can watch or listen to without feeling the stress.

So, how do we create change? As you know, I’m a Law of Attraction junky. I do my best to live it every day. But lately? It’s been kind of hard. Hence this post. Read on!

As the Law of Attraction basically says, ‘what you focus on, you get.’ Which is why it’s so bad that we’re all focusing on negative stuff right now. However, Abraham-Hicks talks often about ‘contrast’ in the LofA. In other words, we know what we don’t want, therefore we know what we do want. So, that contrast, or when we’re exposed to something negative, can actually be good just for a minute or two. Because, when we see these things we don’t want to be happening, we can take a minute to focus on the opposites, the good thing, the things we do want to be happening. It’s called pivoting.

According to the LofA, there are three steps: 1. We ask. We ask by focusing on the thing we want. 2. It is given. God/Spirit/Universe, whatever you call it, immediately answers and that thing is in your ‘vortex’ (to use an Abraham-Hicks word). 3. We need to line up with that thing in your vortex. But how?

That’s the kicker. In order to line up with what’s already given, we need to raise our vibration. And we do that by staying as close to the feelings of love, joy, appreciation, empowerment, freedom, etc. as often as possible. Simple, but not easy.

But here’s the good news. Most of us think we need to make ourselves feel better about the thing we feel bad about. That thing that we saw on the news or read online. The truth is, we don’t. The truth is…

We just have to feel better.

In other words, sometimes we can’t possibly make ourselves feel better about that thing. But we can make ourselves feel better about something. How you ask?

Love on your dog. Take a walk in the woods. Put your feet in the sand. Get lost in a good book. Dance around your living room. Laugh hysterically with a friend. Get a massage. Lie in the sun. Garden.

And if we all do this as often as possible?

We truly can create change.

Live and learn with love…

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