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It’s the little things.

This morning as I sat in the infusion room hooked up to my ‘every-three-week’ I.V. I was trying to figure out what to write about. Some weeks it comes easily to me and I’m super excited to share something with you. Other weeks I sit staring at a screen just waiting for an idea to come. Today was one of those days. I had my iPad with me because again, you just have to sit there and I thought, ‘what a great use of my time!’ But nothing came. Until…

About halfway through my ‘drip,’ one of my oncology nurses came up to me with a bag. Inside it were what we call ‘ice socks.’ When you’re receiving chemo you need to ice your hands and feet in an attempt to avoid neuropathy, a tingling in both extremities. I bought them for myself online when I was going through my treatments. (These continued treatments don’t call for the icing…) When I was done, I looked around the infusion room, saw a ‘newbie’ to the process and gifted them to her. I simply asked her to pay it forward when she was done. She did finish, brought the socks home to wash them, then dropped them off at the office to give to someone else. Well, it may seem weird, but the staff at the doctor’s office is not allowed to accept them and cannot give them to someone else. So they were sitting there waiting for me to come back in so they could ‘return’ them to me. Silly I know, but rules are rules. But here’s the point of all this. I was giddy when I saw these socks again. Not because I missed them…trust me, I so don’t…but because it meant that I could give them to someone else. It meant that I could pay it forward again!

Now, the nurses can’t tell me who’s having what kind of therapy and who needs them, so I just had to look around the room and see who had bulky icepacks crammed under big socks. Not hard to spot. Once I was unhooked and free to roam around the room I approached a woman who had a ‘deer in the headlights’ look about her and gave her the socks. I showed her how the icepacks fitted in to them and how they made things a whole lot easier. She looked at me and sort of started to well up and thank me profusely. ‘How can I repay you?’ she asked. And I told her to keep them going. Pay them forward. When you’re done, pass them on to another newbie.

My point in this post is not to convince you all that I’m a really great person (I mean, I’m pretty good, but have my faults for sure…) The big piece here is the part about being giddy. When you’re able to do even the smallest thing for someone, it makes you soar. It raises your vibration. It puts a smile on your face. It humbles you. So, do it. Give something to someone and see how it feels. And remember, 

It really is the little things.

Live and Learn with love.

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