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What are you rooting for?

In my last blog I talked about getting back to basics and going back to the beginning of my Law of Attraction training. I’ve been studying the L of A for close to 25 years now and for the most part, I really, really try to live my life by the principles of that law. But lately, with everything going on in the world, I’ve been feeling sad, angry, frustrated, hurt, and confused. In other words, my vibration has been low and I have most definitely NOT been living by this law. I’ve been focusing on what I do not want. But remembering this basic principle has helped me move forward. It’s helped me remember to stop fighting against. Let me explain.

The Universal principle of the Law of Attraction states…

That which is like unto itself is drawn.

Meaning, you get what you focus on. You get what you give your attention to. And here’s the kicker in all that. The Universe doesn’t understand things like ‘no,’ or ‘I don’t want.’ In other words, whatever it is you’re looking at is what you get more of. Even if you’re looking at something, focusing on that something and saying, ‘I don’t want this thing.’ The Universe gives you what you’re focusing on, no matter how you’re focusing on it.

And that’s a really hard thing for us as humans to understand. I always say to both clients and friends who are super upset about something, to use that something to figure out what it is they want. In other words, I know what I don’t want, therefore I know what I do want. Then, once you know what you DO want, you turn your attention in the direction of that. You talk about all the reasons you want this thing. You focus on how good it will feel when you get this thing. You think about what else you can do when you find yourself with this thing.

The worst thing we can do when we realize there’s something we do not want to see more of is to keep it in our vibration, to keep thinking about it. The best thing we can do is to thank the Universe for showing us the contrast of life. For allowing us to see the good and the bad. For giving us the choice to choose what we want to see more of in our lives and then focusing on THAT. Again, in accordance with the Universal Law of Attraction, fighting against something is just keeping it in your vibration. So, let’s all stop that. Let’s stop fighting against…

But let’s most definitely root FOR.

Live and Learn with love.

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