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Never stop learning.

I love to learn. And I love to take classes. Now, since entering the stage of my life where I am now doing the things I’ve always wanted to do, those classes are all in an attempt to add another tool to my toolbox that helps me be of service to my clients. I’ve talked before about reading for lost animals and how hard it is. When a client reaches out to me to help them find their animal who has gone missing, often, my stomach drops. It’s just super hard to do because you have to get yourself in to a VERY clear space and release any attachment to the outcome. In other words, you sort of have to not concern yourself with whether or not the information you provide will actually lead them to the animal. As an animal lover, that’s like close to impossible. I’m continually thinking about NOT offering this service. But then, the thought of saying no to someone in that position also makes my stomach drop. It’s been a quandary.  

But this. A few months ago I took a little class on remote viewing. Just a couple of hours on a Saturday. And truth be told, I wasn’t very good at it so I kind of let it drop. Since that time, I’ve gotten a ton of signs to take another stab at it. Then a couple of weeks ago I was in my Mediumship development circle and a few folks there mentioned that they were just starting a class on Controlled Remote Viewing and I was like, ‘That’s IT! I’ve got to start listening to these signs!’ I signed up for the class that night and have been OVER THE MOON EXCITED ever since. This stuff is amazing. Now here’s the thing. I’m super psychic but at the same time I’m kind of analytical and need structure. Those two don’t often go hand in hand. But in this class, they do. 

The Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) that I’m learning is the same stuff the government was working on back in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. And I’m being taught by a woman who works with law enforcement all over the country. In other words, it’s a very structured process. There’s a very precise method you use in order to find the ‘target.’ So, for someone like me that LOVES a format to go along with her psychic-ness….well it’s pretty darn perfect.

For now, I’m taking these classes to learn all I can, but my goal is to use this method to help find those lost animals. My hope is, when a client calls hoping I can help that my stomach doesn’t drop…but instead that I’m super excited to be able to help. Moral of the story? 

Follow the signs and never stop learning.

You may just find your ‘thing.’

Stay tuned… 

Live and Learn with love.

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