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Good Boy Blue.

As you know, I have a dog named Blue. I’ve written about him before and talked about figuring out what his lesson is for me, but I also told you all to ‘stay tuned’ so figured it was time to write about him again. We adopted Blue just about a year ago. We chose him from the rescue group we volunteer with because in his write-up on their website he was described as being a really loving, mellow little dude. Now Blue is a German Shorthaired Pointer. So any of you who know the breed are no doubt laughing at the use of the word ‘mellow’ because it’s truly not a word you would use to describe a GSP. We were also told that he wasn’t at all food motivated and that he was a whack job in the car so he needed to be harnessed/restrained at all times. But here’s the thing.

Every thing they told us about this dog isn’t true. In fact, it’s the opposite.

Blue is anything but mellow…he’s DEFINITELY loving, but mellow isn’t even close to how you would describe this boy. He will also eat absolutely anything you offer him and is totally driven by food. In the car? The second he hits the seat he curls up into a dog ball and falls asleep. The rest of the time, at home, he’s like a shark. Constantly moving, constantly aware, constantly worried about missing something, or someone. Full disclosure, we have had to put Blue on anti-anxiety meds. Before we resorted to that, he had eaten 2 yoga mats, a sneaker, various flip flops, a pair if moccasins, a glove, a leather leash, a meditation pillow, a bean filled heating pad…the list goes on. We and our Vet decided it was better to put him on the meds than to risk him not vomiting or pooping out something he’s eaten and hence having to have surgery to extract it.

It’s kind of funny because I talk about how anxious he is all the time. And then friends come over or we go to the Vet and he’s an absolute angel. The picture above is him at the Vet’s office the other day. Calm and cute as hell. To this day Dr. Derby hasn’t ever seen him in his ‘psycho state,’ thank goodness she believes me. This morning the hubby and I were discussing him as he was lying beneath the breakfast table snoring. And I was wondering again about his lessons for me. And we realized, when I’m calm, he’s calm. And when I’m anxious and walking all over the place deep in my head…so is he. In other words, is it Blue? Or is it me? As a Soul Level Animal Communicator® I KNOW that the animals in our lives have that lesson for us. All of them. All the time.

For awhile now I’ve kind of been in a ‘what if’ mentality. Totally goes against the whole Law of Attraction thing I know, but for some reason I’m having some trouble letting that go. In the Law of Attraction we always say how our emotions are our barometer. If we pay attention to how we feel, we can shift out thoughts and thereby change our lives. Again, for some reason lately I’m all up in my head. But this morning I realized I have a physical gauge right in front of me.

Blue is my barometer.

Good boy Blue. Lesson learned (okay, maybe not yet learned, but at least I’m on my way…)

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