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I’m the worst kind…

I’m writing this to you from Wakefield, Mass where I’ve been this weekend attending a fun day of intuition. I’m a member of a community of ‘like minded’ people called Be Open (the community, not the people, LOL). Every year we hold what we call Be Open Day. And it’s really just a day to have some psychic fun. Like, there’s no agenda. We just find a hotel, secure a meeting room, meet there, and see where the day leads us. Pretty cool.

But also kind of exhausting. I’ve written before about how difficult it is for me to be around a lot of people. Not sure if I wrote about it, but I went to an NFL football game last year and absolutely couldn’t make it sitting in the stands surrounded by folks so ended up watching the game on a TV by a little table under the stadium. Earlier this summer when were were in Florence, Italy with friends I could barely survive walking the streets because it was like Times Square crowded. At one point I just had to put my head down and the Hubby steered me through the crowds with his hand on the back of my shirt. You get the idea.

So obviously Be Open Day is different in that we’re all very like minded people and we’re together in what we call ‘safe space.’ No judgement, no one looking at us like we’re weird (which we are in a VERY COOL WAY…). The problem for me comes when I’ve spent time like this with a group and then have to go back to the real world. 

After our day in our cozy little room, we all went to dinner. Two tables, 20 people, very crowded loud Mexican restaurant. And I found myself sitting kind of in the middle of the table with no way out. I was having trouble hearing everyone because of the ‘ear thing’ I’ve written about and it was taking a very long time for the food to come out so I was looking at my watch wondering if I was going to die in this restaurant. 

When I was in ‘Shaman School,’ at the end of each week long class, we would give each other what we called ‘Kutis.’ Kutis were like this protective shield we gave to one another to help us with again what we called ‘re-entry.’ Going back out in to the real world and being bombarded by other types of energy in what often feels like not safe space. I was yearning for my Kutis yesterday evening.

As I sit here in my hotel room starting to get ready to head back to the airport to fly home first  surrounded by people in an airport then in a cramped airplane I realize…

“I’m the worst kind. I’m high maintenance but I think I’m low maintenance.”

This one’s for you Hubby….

Live and Learn in Munay

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