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Best Christmas Tree EVER

Lately there’s been a crazy amount of stuff going on in my life. And, being the Law of Attraction person that I am, I’ve been spending a whole lot of time trying to tell my story the way I want it to happen. And I think I’ve talked about this a bit lately, but I’ve been finding myself kind of way up in my head. Like I’ve actually been trying way harder that I should and thereby keeping the stuff that I don’t want to be going on in my life in my vibration and thereby causing it to stick around. 

Several months ago my sister-in-law mentioned that she, my brother, my niece, and my nephew were going to spend Christmas in Florida and invited us to come. Back then I was wavering about whether or not we should, but finally we decided we would come down for at least a few days. And I’m so glad we did. Mostly because we’ve been laughing for two days straight. By the time you read this, we most likely will have been laughing for four days straight. And decorating a Christmas Tree…

In my last blog I talked about how I don’t have the ‘baby gene’. Turns out I do have ‘the young adult niece and nephew gene.’ Now I really don’t know if I would have as much fun with all late 20s to 30 year olds, but with these guys I am. They’re both intelligent, sharp, sarcastic, and funny as hell.  

On the advice of my brother we decided to buy a Christmas tree and set it up. We’re in the family’s townhouse down here so we felt we could set it up and leave it for my Dad to have to clean up when he gets down here after Christmas. We’re thoughtful children after all. But we didn’t want to buy just any tree. We really wanted a Charley Brown Christmas tree. And let me tell you it was no easy feat finding one. Thank you Ace Hardware for supplying our demand. Sort of. We found a cute little fake tree. But it was too cute. So, naturally, when we got it home we promptly took the sweet little ball ornaments off having decided to really make it our own.

So far, our tree is decorated with a toilet paper roll, old gummy like fishing lures, beer coasters, a shoe horn, a half finished crossword puzzle (in honor of Mom…), stolen silver wear (my niece is surprising good at pilfering and we eagerly anticipate what she’s going to show us when we get home each night…not sure if we should be worried or not), a matchbook, a bunch of those little swords you get in a bar in your drink, a used napkin, a candle stub, a dental floss thingy, a dirty plastic poinsettia flower, and the crumpled up receipt for the tree itself. A torn piece of bubble wrap is serving as a tree skirt and we’re stringing bottle caps and pop tops as garland to be the last thing we drape around it. 

I haven’t thought about any of the crazy stuff I have going on in my life right now in two days. And as soon as I finish this blog I won’t think about it again until later next week. Right now I’m waiting for the others to get ready to head out for our nightly adventure. And anxiously awaiting what we’ll find to bring home to put on…

The best Christmas tree ever.

And trust me. Laughter really is the best medicine.

Merry Christmas all!

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