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I have the dog gene.

The other day I posted a picture of my dog lying in our bed giving me kind of a disdainful look because I was asking him to move so I could make the bed. And when he wouldn’t, I just kind of made it around him and he went back to sleep. I posted this and asked who else has had this ‘problem.’ No surprise, I got a bunch of folks reaching out to me with comments like, ‘Yep!’ and ‘Of course!’ and ‘Wouldn’t have it any other way!’ Which was pretty awesome because prior to posting it I was thinking, ‘This is ridiculous that I’m making my bed around this dog who just doesn’t want to move. I’m allowing it for crying out loud!’ So it felt pretty good to see that a lot of the folks out there would have done the same thing. This all reminded me of another post I made not too long ago about how we bought a special ottoman to match our new furniture because that furniture was like 5 inches higher than the old stuff and our dog couldn’t get up on the sofa as easily as before. 

So yea, my kids have four legs and fur. I don’t have human children because I chose not to (stand down everyone, I don’t dislike them [well, most of them…] I just don’t have the baby gene apparently). When I visit someone who has children, as I look around at all the ‘kid stuff’ everywhere I think to myself, “Wow. How can people live like this? I’d be so freakin’ stressed.” And now I’m thinking about that and laughing because I’m wondering what people who come to my house think. As they look around at the antlers, balls, kongs, and dog beds on the floor, the large crate in the bedroom (because Gigi likes a cave…), and the sheets and blankets on the furniture because it’s easier to wash them than it is to have the furniture cleaned. 

As I write this there’s one large dog sitting directly behind me so I pretty much can’t move my chair while the other one is sitting in front of my desk in his dog bed that I moved here from the living room because he was sitting there staring at me because he didn’t want to just lie on the carpet, but wanted his bed. But in here, with me, like 10 feet away from where it usually is. (Have I mentioned his snoring?) The same bed I’ll have to move back to the living room as soon as I’m done here. And here’s the thing. I will. When I am done writing this I’ll somehow squeeze out of my chair barely moving it so as not to disturb the big girl and quietly sneak by the little boy so as not to wake him either. But it really won’t matter because within seconds they’ll both get up and follow me to where ever it is I’m going. Where I will rearrange dog beds and make sure everyone is comfy before I myself sit down. 

So yea, my kids have four legs and fur. And I’m a pushover. No, I do not have the baby gene, but apparently I have the puppy gene.

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