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It’s really very simple. Just be kind.

A couple of days ago I had outpatient surgery. It was one of those deals where you had to get to the hospital at oh-dark-hundred. And we live an hour away from said hospital. So we left in what felt like the middle of the night to me. The sun was just peaking out when we walked in the doors. Now I’m not really a morning person. Okay, I am a morning person, but to me morning is like 9am. A nice, respectable time. So we stagger in the door and go right to reception where we’re greeted by two of the nicest woman I’ve ever met. Seriously, they were happy and helpful as could be. I asked them, “My God, when do you guys have to be at work?” “4am,” they say. “Holy! What time do you get up?” “Like 2:30-3:00.” And I’m thinking how in the heck are you so nice to all these people that are not at their best as they’re arriving for surgery?

So we’re pretty promptly taken back to my first stop on my whirl wind tour of New Hanover Hospital and that’s when I started to notice that every single person that I met in that hospital was a saint. And THAT’s what this blog is about. Now I know many of you will reach out and send me love and prayers, etc., and I so love and appreciate you for that…BUT again, this isn’t about what’s going on with me right now…I WILL BE FINE. This is about how being happy, kind, compassionate, and giving makes all the difference in the world to every single person you come in contact with. Some examples (and remember I ABHOR needles): Felisha kept me laughing and talking so that I didn’t even notice her putting the IV in my hand (seriously, my head was down and I’m like, ‘Let me know when you’re ready.’ And she’s like, “Ger, it’s done.” Bam.) Barbara whose sole job was to hold my hand while someone shoved a needle in a place where you don’t want a needle (as the Tech was asking how I was doing, I was asking Barbara how she was doing and if I was breaking any bones). Robin and Kyle who keep me calm assuring me ‘it’s almost over, you’re doing great!’ (yep, another needle…) and then covered me with warm, cozy blankets. Patrick who made me laugh out loud and then gave me ‘the good stuff’ so it all went away for awhile. And finally Misty who after I woke up gave me the best thing I’d had all day…peanut butter crackers and a bottle of water.

As I sit here thinking about all this I just can’t get over the people I met during a not so good day in my life. I’m horrible at remembering names, yet I remember every single one of theirs. Not sure if they teach classes on how to be that person in nursing and medical tech school or if you just have to be that kind of person to start with to be in that field. But it makes a MASSIVE difference. Simply being kind. Lately I’ve seen a bunch of memes and quotes and stuff talking about that. Being kind. And really, truly, I mean for real…that’s all it takes to turn someone’s day around. 

And that someone includes you.

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