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Be amazed.

The other night a friend called and was super excited about a new Oracle card deck she was gifted. She’s kind of just stepping in to the ‘intuitive game’ and wanted to share her findings with me when she used the cards for the first time. As always, it was pretty amazing…and spot on. We talked a bit about how we each used our decks. And that made me want to share.

Now if you go to a Tarot card reader they definitely do their readings in a certain way. And it’s really awesome and I highly recommend trying it some time. Getting a full reading like this is VERY informative and comes with much guidance. But, we can all absolutely also use these cards in whatever way works for us on a daily basis. For example…

Several years ago when I was studying Shamanism, I was kind of introduced to Oracle and Tarot decks. I hadn’t really known much about them and definitely didn’t know how to use them. One day our instructor took a few card decks and spread them all out face down on the carpet in front of us. We were told to come up and randomly pick three cards. Once we all got back to our seats she told us to lay them out…1, 2, 3…and write a story. We were told NOT to worry about what the word said on the card but to just look at the picture and write a story. Like automatic writing. Whatever came in to your head about that picture was what you wrote. She gave us a starting prompt, “There once was a young Shaman…” I found myself immediately writing a few paragraphs based on the first card, then the second, then the third. And what do you know? It was all SUPER connected to what was going on in my world at that time and gave me something to shoot for. Guidance.

When I was talking to my friend the other day we spoke about how you can do the same thing with a specific question. Like before choosing your three cards, just set the intention that you want guidance on __. Lay out your three cards and write a story. Card one is the past of this situation, two is the present, three is the future. If you want, you can pay attention to the words and look up each card in your book. Or don’t pick three, just ask the question and pick one.

My point is this. Card decks are a REALLY great way for us to find our OWN guidance. And once you start using them…

you’ll be amazed.

Live and learn with love…

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