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You make my heart sing.

This is going to read kind of like a continuation of last week’s blog post. You know, about being happy in what you do. So this weekend I participated in a ‘Virtual Psychic Fair.’ It used to be that folks like me would take part in Psychic Fairs where they would set up a table at the event and people who wanted a reading would come by. Since last year we’ve had to go virtual, which is actually great for me because I don’t really live in a place conducive to them. Basically what I do is advertise that I’m doing one and let people know I’m giving them a discount. I usually do 15 minute readings for $25. Now, when I first started doing them I was looking at them from a business standpoint. Like, this is a good way to give folks a tiny taste of what I do in the hopes that they like it and book a longer session for some time in the future. But that’s not really how it’s turned out. And the thing is…

I’m totally okay with that.

The fact is that most of the clients I get during a Psychic Fair weekend are existing clients coming by for a quick check in for guidance on an issue, or to see how their animal here or in Spirit is doing, or to check on a loved one who has passed. And again, I’m okay with that. In fact I love in. In fact whenever I’m on a call with a client two or three weeks prior to a Fair weekend, I let them know it’s coming up and they should take advantage of the discount.

It’s kind of a weird thing to charge for what I do. I mean, if I’ve been given this gift by God/Spirit/Universe shouldn’t I put it out there for free? I think many in my field feel that way at least at times. But we are regular people with bills to pay, classes to take, etc. Which makes informing my clients of an upcoming discount instead of trying to get new clients maybe not the best marketing strategy. But the way I’ve come to look at it is like this. A thank you. So…

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you whom trust me enough to allow me to do what I do for you. You make my heart sing.

Live and learn with love…

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