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Right brain, left brain. A balancing act.

Some of you may know I was a writer in another lifetime. Not talking about past lives here I just mean that that’s what I used to do. Freelance business writing. Very left brain. I guess I shouldn’t say ‘used’ to do, I still write all the time, but not for clients for the past several years. But now I am again.

A couple of weeks ago I was presented with an opportunity to start freelancing again for a firm on a regular basis. I really wanted to make sure this would be something I could fit in between my Psychic clients and not something that would take up all my time. In other words, I was looking to make sure I could find a balance. And man did I…

Let me explain. My first assignment for this firm was to write an article about Medical Device Safety Standards using specific ‘key words.’ Very technical, very demanding, VERY left brain. But you know what? I LOVED it. It was hard, very challenging, and exhausting. But I think the reason it was so exhausting is that I kind of hardly ever use my left brain anymore…my analytical brain…during my days. And I think that part of me was super excited to be exercised! And then I noticed this…

One particular day last week I had three clients spaced throughout the day. I had a little time in between them to work on the article and then I’d call my next client. So, I was working with my right brain, then my left, then my right, then my left. And what I noticed was that my client sessions were AMAZING. I was SUPER clear and information came in quickly, concisely, and accurately. Then when I went back to my article, the words would flow easily. In other words, my brain was in a perfect state of balance throughout the day.

It’s things like this that thrill me. (Weird, I know…) Finding that balance in your life comes in so many ways and is SO beneficial.

Let’s all find more shall we?

Happy Memorial Day! And a massive thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all who have served and are serving. We love you.

Live and learn with love…

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