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Well done Buck’s Mom…

A few months ago I wrote a post about how the hubby and I had started thinking about adding another dog to our family and how we were looking at a dog being fostered with Southeastern German Shorthaired Pointer rescue. And how that dog ended up going to someone else, not to us. And how we were just going to sit back and wait for our ‘better than we could ever imagine.’ Well, it looks like we may have found just that. The hubby and I have started the process of adopting a gorgeous pup by the name of Buck. He’s eight years old living with a foster family and looking for a forever family with an ‘alpha’ female. We just happen to have that in the form of a Shepherd named Gigi.
Buck was surrendered, along with his 14 year old mother, when his elderly owner was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He just couldn’t take care of them any more and wanted to pass them on to someone who could. Unfortunately, these two were surrendered not to a ‘no-kill shelter’ but to one that was already over crowded. Buck’s 14 year old Mom wasn’t considered adoptable and was euthanized. Fortunately, the rescue group got wind of the situation and quickly got Buck out of there and into foster care. When we found out about his Mom, naturally we were heartbroken. But then I started thinking about everything I’ve learned from the animals I connect with in my readings.
I get a lot of clients scheduling readings when their animals are sick and near the end of life. Most of them want me to tell them what to do. They want to know how they will know it’s time? What signs to look for? How to make the decision? And they’re, of course, distraught. You see we, as humans, feel that animals give the same meaning to death as we do. But they don’t. In fact, animals orchestrate their own deaths. And in a way that best serves the humans around them. I get it, that’s a tough one for us to understand. But, the fact is, animals are not afraid of death. They’ve shown me time and time again they have no attachment to it…AND that they’re still with us when they pass.
The day after I found out about Buck’s Mom, I kept thinking about her and was pretty upset. But then I remembered all of this and I realized that yes, she orchestrated her passing. Because Buck was brought up with her, and had lived with her his whole life, he needs a strong female to live with and a Mom and Dad that will take care of him and love him for the rest of that life. Our girl Gigi misses her brother Gibbs and is looking for a young man she can love on…and boss around a bit. The hubby and I are looking for another pup we can spoil rotten and let take up most of the bed.
Well done Buck’s Mom. Thank you. I’ll be in touch…
Live and learn in Munay.

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