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Robin T. Stamey, DVM

I am having difficulty finding the correct words to express exactly how profound and meaningful my reading was for me. Not only did Geri describe my energy exactly as I myself would have described it, she gave me imagery that resonated on a cellular level using images of items I have had in my possession since childhood. As a former veterinarian, I know I carry a great deal of animal energy with me at all times, most of it positive, but some of it burdensome from my emotional perspective. I asked for help with one deceased animal I have carried with me for almost a decade and the images she gave to me were precise and accurate and brought closure to a deep emotional wound I had inflicted upon myself. She also helped me with a living animal and again, the issues she discussed with him were accurate and precisely on point. The lessons both dogs brought to me were essentially the same using different metaphors and words but again, the information was so exacting that it made me laugh and cry simultaneously. I am ready for the next session with Geri and would highly recommend contacting her to consult with the animals in your life and see what lessons they bring forward for you. With peace, light, and love.

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