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Cindy Hamill

I have 2 cats, the male was here first and for a time was an only “child” and then adopted a female cat (named Princess). She thinks she owns the place! Geri was very helpful in reading the cats to first see if there was anything going on with their bodies. I learned where their favorite petting spots were, what they like to play with and eat. Apparently someone is in need of a softer bed 😉
I was worried about the interaction of the 2 cats. Geri helped me better understand their dynamic, to find ways to spend time with each in the way they like, and to create the environment where each animal felt empowered. Within 24 hours of her communicating with them there were changes. The male started sleeping in a chair he had not been in for years. The female seemed a bit less pushy and appreciated more TUNA!
Geri has wonderful insight and great connection with animals (and humans). I would highly recommend having her do a reading with your anima

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