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Signs, signs, everywhere a sign.

If you read my blog regularly you will know that the hubby and I lost our Girl Gigi a couple of weeks ago, my ‘heart dog.’ The one. And you’ll also know that I believe in signs from the Universe and in fact depend on them. I know I’ve mentioned her before in a post, but I have a friend, Tammy Mastroberte, who recently wrote a book called ‘The Universe is Talking to You.’ In the book she talks about how much your loved ones in Spirit WANT to connect with you and are always trying to get your attention. She even writes out a prayer we can all use to tell our loved ones which ‘signs’ to use so we know it’s them. I did this with my Mom after she passed and she hasn’t let me down. Every time I see a certain insect or hear a certain song, I know it’s Mom reaching out.

When we were with Gigi helping her cross over, I whispered to her what sign I wanted her to use to let me know she was okay and to use to let me know she’s around on a regular basis. And she has used that sign a couple of times. However, she also knew way better than I did, that that wasn’t going to be enough for me. Even though I do what I do, connect to humans and animals in Spirit, I will confess that I too can wave something away as coincidence or not a strong enough signal. I can rationalize. So Gigi and Mom got together.

The night after Gigi passed, the hubby had a dream. My Mom walked up to him in a crowd, put her hands on his shoulders, looked him straight in the eye and said, ‘It’s all okay,’ then kept walking by. (Do I wish she would have come to me? For sure. But I know I was in no shape to be able to receive the message that night so she went to him.) About two days later…once I was out of the fetal position…I was able to clear myself enough to see the signs. And I’m not kidding when I say that every single time I look at a clock the numbers are significant. 11:11. 2:22. 5:55. Every. Single. Time. Last night I was a little weepy when I went to bed. I reached out to Gigi asking that she touch base. I woke up twice last night. Once at 3:33 and once at 4:44. As they say, ‘Atta Girl.’

This time of year, many of us are missing loved ones. And sometimes it hurts so bad. BUT, if we can clear ourselves enough, if we can focus on how much we love and appreciate those whom have passed on, they will get through. The signs are everywhere. 

And they’re persistent on the other side.

Merry Christmas All…

Live and Learn with love.

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