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Meditation. Doesn’t matter what it looks like.

I practice Transcendental Meditation. Okay, I used to practice Transcendental Meditation. But then, I stopped. I used to get up a bit earlier every morning and meditate for 20 minutes. I know this is going to sound weird, but when I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the end of 2019, for some reason, I just stopped meditating. It’s weird because you’d think that would be the EXACT time NOT to stop meditating. But, if I’m giving myself a break I’d say that it was pretty hard to quiet my mind at that time. So even though I needed it, I wasn’t able to do it to the extent that I had been.

But it’s 2022 and I should have started back up by now. But again, I haven’t. For the past few weeks I’ve been giving myself a hard time about that. After all, I really, really do think it’s so amazingly good for us to quiet our minds from the every day chatter, etc. that we deal with. Now, I know that if I sit down and force myself to meditate every day, the ritual will come back and I’ll get back to it. But I hate the ‘force’ myself part of that equation.

Yesterday the hubby and I were rearranging furniture in our little sunroom. We have this amazing room that looks down over our yard and our pool and has windows on three sides. It’s warm in the winter and in the summer the fan keeps me cool. It’s on the second floor so I’m at tree level and can watch the birds and the squirrels going about their business. I’m in this room every single day. I literally walk into this room and feel good. I was so excited yesterday when we straightened it up and made it even more pleasing to me. And that made me think….

Like I said, every day I’m in this room. At the end of a busy day I head there and read. I am a voracious reader. Like at least a book a week. There is nothing I like more that to sit in my comfy chair and completely lose myself in a book. And I do. I lose myself. I quiet my mind from the every day chatter and escape, sometimes for a hour or so at a time. So now that I think about it…I still practice meditation every day.

The moral of the story?

Spend some time on you, every single day, no matter what it looks like.

Live and learn with love…

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