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It’ll be great! I promise…

If you follow me on FB or IG, you’ll already know that I did a complete upgrade to my website. In all honesty I was feeling a bit outdated and stilted for a some time so decided to refresh.

Now I usually put my own websites together. I first find a theme I like then I manipulate it to what I want it to look like. I did this a few months ago. The problem is, I haven’t really kept up with the technology that creates websites these days and quickly found myself stuck. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to do the things I wanted to do on that new site. So I gave up. I gave up and reached out to a professional. And it turned out to be one of the best things I’ve done in awhile. First, the giving up. Then the allowing.

A friend gave me the name of a designer, Christina, at WanderSoul (www.wandersoulco.com). One of the things I liked about Christina’s approach to web design was that she made it about me (okay, I liked it, but didn’t like it). Yes, she asked about my clients, etc., but she mostly asked about who I was. Like I had to fill out forms about myself. Words that described me. Colors I was attracted to. What I thought others would say about me. Those kinds of things. In other words, really uncomfortable stuff. Then she found colors and design elements she thought addressed who I was and who I’m always striving to be.

And here’s the thing. When I first saw the color palette she chose for me I was taken aback. ‘That’s not me,’ I thought. ‘It’s way too soft.’ Bam. That got me thinking about who I was, who I really, really wanted to be and what I might want to work on within myself (Technically, I’m always trying to work on becoming a better version of me so this was just added to the list…). In other words, it became WAY more than just a website upgrade. It’s become a new way to look at myself. It represents a breaking from my past. It feels like a clean slate.

So. First I gave up trying to figure out how to make a new website work. Then I allowed someone else to see me in a way that I never have. I’ve never given myself that break. And really, how many of us really do?

But let’s shall we? Let’s give ourselves a break by giving up every now and again then allowing what’s supposed to happen, happen.

It’ll be great! I promise…

Live and learn with love…

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