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Many paths. One choice.

I often hear people talk about their ‘destiny’ or their ‘path’ in life. Like there’s one particular thing that they were put on this earth to do or to be. And I see these people struggling through life doing everything they can to DO or BE that. To follow that one path they think they are supposed to follow. But, as I continue to study the Law of Attraction, I’ve learned that there is no one right path for any of us. In truth, there are many ‘right paths,’ and we can choose any one of them. “But wait! WHAT?!”, I hear you say. “I grew up KNOWING I was supposed to be a [insert occupation or thing here]!” Okay, I get it. But let me ask you one question.
Are you happy doing or being that one thing?
If your answer to that question is a resounding ‘YES!’ then Bravo! Stick with what you’re doing. However, if your answer to that question is anything BUT yes, then you need to choose differently. When I see someone supposedly following their ‘right path’ or their ‘chosen path’ yet they’re clearly miserable on that path, I always ask, “How can this be your ‘right path’ if you hate it?”
If you hate your job, or your relationship, or the person you’ve become, how can that be the thing you should stick with? Why would you stay on that path? Is it because you think you should do that particular thing, be with that particular person, behave that particular way? Well stop shoulding on yourself.
As I said, there are a gazillion paths that each and every one of us can take. Instead of spending so much time figuring out what our path is and then figuring out how to get on that path and follow that path and succeed on that path, I propose that we choose more wisely. Yes, there are many different paths we can take, but there’s really only one choice we definitely need to make. Do you choose to be happy or do you choose to be sad? Pick one.
Then see what path lights up for you.
In Munay…

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