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Be transparent. And get uncomfortable.

Last week one of my teachers wrote a blog post about transparency and being honest. She’s always teaching us that in an Animal Communication reading you have to be TOTALLY transparent or honest about the information you’re receiving even if that information is uncomfortable for you to say and possibly uncomfortable for the human you’re reading along with the animal to hear. In the type of Animal Communication readings I do, I read the human first then the animal. And before each session I explain to my client that I’m just the middle man. That I’m just spewing forth the information that is coming to me. Kind of like a ‘don’t shoot the messenger’ disclaimer.
So last week I was reading a client’s dog. In my readings I do a quick body scan where I basically ask the dog to show me if there’s anything happening in his body he wants me to bring his human’s attention to. So I start my body scan and this dog immediately shows me his penis and he’s ‘messing with it’, for lack of a better description. And I’m like, I really don’t want to discuss this dog’s penis with my client! And then I remembered transparency. So, as tactfully as I could, I told the client that the dog was ‘bringing my attention to his penis.’ When she confirmed that the dog actually had a lesion on that particular body part, well, I was relieved. (Not for the dog of course…)
As humans, I think we tend to sugar coat those things that are uncomfortable to say or hear because we don’t want to be embarrassed ourselves, to embarrass someone else, or to hurt someone else’s feelings. However, in an intuitive human/animal reading, sometimes, that’s exactly what I have to do. I have to make someone feel uncomfortable. And I’ve found that that discomfort is sometimes just the push we need…at least I need…to make the changes in our lives that have become necessary. Animals are extremely helpful in letting us know that things need to change and sometimes they have some pretty funny ways of showing it. Animals have told me that their human needs to lighten up because they’re being a bit of a bully. Animals have told me that their human needs to put on their big girl pants and set some boundaries. Animals have shown me debilitating depression and sadness in a human who thought they had been successfully hiding it. All of these things were uncomfortable for me to say or pass on to the human client I was reading. But I did. And that message, as uncomfortable as it was for me to say and for them to hear, made a difference.
Did the dog’s penis issue lead my client to any profound need to change? I don’t think so, but it was a funny story wasn’t it? And it will remind you to…
Be transparent and get uncomfortable.
In Munay…

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