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I’m listening.

This is a post about following those intuitive hits even though they’re telling you something you do NOT want to hear. And it’s a bit long, but it’s worth it…

If you read last weeks post you’ll know I was super excited to be heading to FL for a weekend of Mediumship study with a friend. I was leaving on Thursday and returning Monday. Thursday started out okay, but really only stayed that way for like an hour. Pretty much as soon as I got to the airport here in Wilmington, NC things started going downhill. From here, if you want to go anywhere, you pretty much have to fly through Charlotte. Unfortunately, that day Charlotte was getting hammered by storms that included thunder, lightning, and tornadoes. Needless to say, flights started getting delayed and cancelled right and left. I was supposed to be on my way around 10:45am. My flight ended up taking off at around 6pm. During the day I was booked and rebooked on several flights. Finally, I land in Charlotte and run like hell to try to make my connection which was fortunately delayed so I had a chance. And then it was cancelled.

While I was still in Wilmington, I kept saying, ‘I do NOT want to get stuck in Charlotte tonight.’ And that’s exactly what happened. Well, sort of. So here I am in Charlotte waiting in line for an hour with 100 other folks (I’m not kidding…). When I finally get to a CS person I’m told the earliest they can get me to FL is the following night…on standby….and if not then, then Saturday midday. Well at that point it was obvious I was going to miss most of my workshop so I decided to cut my losses and just have them rebook me back to Wilmington. Stay with me because things get fun. (Not.) 

My flight back home was supposed to take off at 10:43pm. It actually takes off at about 12:30am Friday morning. The weather has finally cleared up in Charlotte, but has now made it to Wilmington. When I tell you this was the bumpiest ride I’ve every been on, I’m not doing it justice. I’m actually sore in my neck, arms, and back from hanging on so tightly. At one point in the flight, myself and several people around me pick up our phones and start texting our loved ones. True story. The hubby got a text saying, ‘Not sure we’re going to make it. I love you.’ For real. And then there’s this. We’re coming in to Wilmington, landing gear is down, we’re about 5 seconds from touch down and our pilot guns it and takes us what felt like vertically back in to the air. He had to abort the landing. And NOW, we have to go back through the crap we came through that caused us to text our spouses. AND guess where we end up? Charlotte. As in, I’m stuck in Charlotte over night. (Not that it was night anymore, it was about 3am.) 

So here’s the point. My friend Kathy (the one I was meeting in FL) and I were wondering what that ‘learning piece’ was in all of this. You could look at this and say I was ‘pre-paving’ because I kept saying ‘I don’t want to be stuck in Charlotte.’ Like I was putting that out to the Universe. But I know that wasn’t it. Because I KNEW already that I was going to. Get stuck in Charlotte. I was getting intuitive ‘hits’ as we call them ALL DAY LONG. But I wasn’t listening to them. I wanted to get to this workshop and spend time with my dear friend and have a nice weekend away SO BAD, that it was like I was singing ‘la la la la lala’ in my head all day trying to drown out the intuitive hits telling me to just cut my losses and stay home. To not get on the plane to Charlotte.

And here’s another thing. The more agitated and anxious I got about not being able to get there, the bigger the diversions became. And the more I wasn’t listening to my hits. And here’s another thing. I was getting those hits BAD about not getting on the last flight back to Wilmington. And I again, ignored them. 

Do I know why the Universe didn’t want me to get to FL that weekend? I don’t. Maybe it was because someone on the FL flight was sick and I can’t get sick before my treatments start? Maybe it was because I would have been hit by a bus crossing the street in FL? Or maybe it was because I was supposed to meet four of the loveliest people and rent a car with them to drive back to Wilmington at 4am that Friday. (Seriously, I know you’re probably not reading this, but Lisa, Emily, Randy, and Kurt, you guys made a crap day just lovely there at the end and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.) So I’m asking myself this…

What’s the use of being intuitive if you don’t listen?

Messaged received Universe. Okay, so now, as Fraser Crane would say…

I’m listening.

Live and Learn in Munay…

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