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Where is your center?

I spend a LOT of time in my head. And, considering what I do for a living—Animal Communication, Shamanic Practitioner, and Writer—well, that kind of makes sense. When reading an Animal or a Human, I have to center myself in my head space. Same thing when writing for a client. And those of you who know me know that I spend a lot of time just ‘thinking’ even when I’m not wearing one of those hats. (Yea, I spend a LOT of time in my head.) So it stands to reason that I center myself from that space. At least until last night I did.
Last night I was on a webinar with a group of fellow Intuitives. The Host of our meeting, Danielle MacKinnon (her latest book Animal Lessons is awesome), was talking about what recently happened to her when she was working with horses in Costa Rica. She was on her horse, but also trying to help out a friend on her own horse next to her. The friend asked her to intuitively check in with her about something. The funny thing was, when Danielle started to check in, centering herself from her head space, the horse that she was on started veering off the path, eating grass, and generally not paying attention to her. Basically, the horse didn’t feel her on her back anymore because she wasn’t energetically even there. Pretty heady, huh? (See what I did there?)
Earlier in the day I was doing some ‘free writing.’ It’s an awesome practice where you sit with a piece of paper in front of you, ask a question, then just start spewing forth on the page. (Try it, you’ll be amazed at the stuff that comes out…) Anyway, one of the things that came out was how I had to take my own personal power back. There’ve been some things going on that are causing me some anxiety and I’ve recently started succumbing to that anxiety, and hence, looking for something outside of me to fix it. I swear I’m getting to my point here..
So after my meeting last night, I started to put the two together. And I asked this question. When I center myself completely from my head space, am I losing me? Am I giving away more of my power? In the meeting last night, there was a discussion of how to center yourself from your heart space as opposed to your head. So I tried it. Instead of closing my eyes and moving my awareness up to my head, I closed my eyes and moved my awareness to my heart. Now, I’m not saying I felt for my heart space and sent out waves of love and good vibes. I’m saying that I centered myself from that space and pulled in. There’s a difference.
And what’d ya know? After a little bit, I actually felt more full. More solid. More just….there. Do I still have to be in my head when I do some of the things I do? Yep. But before I go to the head, I’m going to try to connect with the heart.
I believe they call that the center.
In Munay…

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