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Paola di Paolo

I had heard of Geri through another horse person and felt that I was at such a low point with my relationship to my horse, that I had to find someone intuitive who could help me and Blaze.  What surprised me so wonderfully was how Geri tuned into me and where I was before connecting to my animal.  This process of connecting to me first and then Blaze suddenly made perfect sense as it showed me on a deep level how my energy and his energy are connected. Geri told me that Blaze really wants to connect, he wants to learn, but I have to go back to basics and read him properly from an energetic and intuitive level.  Since the reading, I have been going back to basics with Blaze and we both love what we are doing together.  Time falls away, my negative energy clears, and we are both happy and relaxed. Now when I work with Blaze, I am open to what happens but I also have a sense of direction and leadership. What gave me a strong sense of trust in Geri’s ability is how she read me very well right from the beginning.  She understood how I operate through the 60 years of my life better than people who have known me for a long time.  And then she read Blaze and really understood his challenges and his gifts immediately.  I told Geri very little about Blaze’s personality before the reading. The reading with Geri deepened and reaffirmed my relationship with Blaze.  I was on the verge of giving up, but Geri helped me understand what the deep underlying issues were.  Once I saw them and understood what was going on, I was able to establish a more positive, trusting, and happier relationship with Blaze. I felt so relieved, happy, and excited after the reading with Geri.  She gave me confidence and really helped me appreciate and strengthen the deep connection that I have with Blaze.

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