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Your animals on the other side are trying to get your attention…

Your animals on the other side are trying to get your attention…

This past week I did several readings for humans whose animals have recently crossed over. I know this sounds weird, and I’m sure I’ve said it before, but I really love connecting with animals on the other side. It’s just usually a REALLY strong connection and the information I receive from the animals can often help their humans work through the grief of losing them.

In each of the readings I did this week I was lead to tell the clients just how their animals are still trying to communicate with them. So I thought I’d share it here too. (I also recently did an IG video on this subject. You can check that out here.

In our practices, my colleagues and I have found that our animals on the other side try to connect with us in at least four ways:

  1. Via site or visuals. You know how you’re walking past the bedroom and out of the corner of your eye you swear you see your cat curled up in the same place she always sat? Or you’re sitting in your favorite chair and you swear you see your dog walk down the hall? That’s them!
  2. Via our hearing. Have you ever been in your room getting ready for work and you swear you hear your cat meowing in the exact way she did every morning asking for her breakfast? That’s her! My dog Gibbs had this very distinct, very happy bark sometimes. Made me laugh every time I heard it and still does! When I hear it, I know it’s him.
  3. Via feeling or touch. This can be in kind of two different ways. Have you ever been standing at your kitchen counter cutting up veggies and you feel your cat rub up against your legs? That’s one way. The other is like a gut feeling. Like your lying in bed reading and you sense your dog lying next to you on the bed. So much so that you want to reach your hand out and touch the spot. That’s him too!
  4. Via our sense of smell. Yep, you smell them. I personally haven’t ever experience this with an animal, but I have experienced it with a human. It’s like when all of a sudden you smell the perfume your Grandmother used to wear. That’s them reaching out!

And here’s another important piece. When the animals in our lives connect with us, they have to drop their vibration. They vibrate so much higher than we do so they have to dip a bit to try to match ours. And we have to raise our vibration to try to meet up with theirs. So, when we’re really stuck in our grief our vibration is pretty low and it’s harder to see these ways in which our animals in spirit are trying to reach out to us. Of course we’re going to grieve and we need to. But just remember, the more we can celebrate the lives of our animals who have passed, the more likely we’ll feel the connection.

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