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You don’t even need an audience.

As most of you probably know if you read this blog regularly or follow me on social media, I record a podcast called The Psychic Wives with two of my dear friends and colleagues Kathy Rumsey and Ginger Hendry. And if you’ve ever listened to an episode you’ll have heard us say…or figured it out for yourself…that we kind of don’t even need the audience there to still have a great time. We often say how much we enjoy talking to one another about psychic/intuitive/weird stuff, but truth be told, we just like talking to one another. It really doesn’t matter what we’re talking about. And as it turns out, we can pretty much talk about anything. I think a good part of that is because we continue to learn from each other. We honestly share our opinions or thoughts on a subject and those thoughts often make the others go, ‘Huh. I never thought of it like that.’

We usually record our episodes a week or two before we post them and, if we don’t have a scheduled guest that week, we have a brief conversation (okay, no conversation is ever really brief with the three of us…) about what we want to talk about. I’d say that in the beginning we’d more consciously ‘hashout’ what we were going to say. Now, we pretty much just wing it. I believe we’ve actually figured out that they go better when we do it that way. And some of the best episodes are when we talk about something that we’ve never talked about before and don’t really know where each other stands on the subject or often times where we ourselves actually stand. In some cases it’s the first time we’ve really thought about a question. And it’s pretty cool when that happens.

As I said, when we’re recording these episodes, at least for me, half the time I forget we’re doing this for an audience. Because it’s just so good talking to these guys! But the other day we did our first Facebook live on our page. And before we started it dawned on me that this was going to be a bit different in that we were going live and hoping that folks would be watching and typing in questions. But what if no one showed? When recording a podcast, we know no one’s listening live, but in a ‘Live’, you kind of need someone to be there. So I brought that up to the others and we came to the same conclusion…then we just talk about whatever until we’re done. Now we’re totally thankful and so appreciative that others did show up and did ask questions and we hopefully answered some things for them. (AND had a great time so are most definitely doing them on a regular basis!) But I do realize, that just like any other time, if no one showed up, or if no one listens, I’d still have a blast talking things out, bouncing ideas, and sharing our thoughts about things with each other.

So, Kathy and Ginger. I love you guys bad. Thanks for always giving me something to talk and think about.

And the rest of you, if you don’t have someone in your life to bounce ideas off of, to reach out to when you want to talk, vent, or laugh…find someone. And then talk about whatever. 

You don’t even need an audience.

Live and Learn with love.

PS. To listen to our podcast visit www.thepsychicwives.com or find us on Apple podcasts.

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