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You can go your own way.

So as a practicing Medium, one of the most important things you can do is just that. Practice. So I do. I join what we call a Mediumship Circle every Tuesday morning with a few fellow Mediums. We simply practice reading one another and give each other tips and tools so we can continue to be of better service to our clients. One of the cool things about our Circle is that we all read a bit differently. One of my colleagues REALLY wants to develop to the point where she can do what we call Gallery Readings. Those are when the Medium gets up in front of a ton of folks in an auditorium and just sees who comes in. It goes something like this:

“Okay, I have a female, grandmother figure with me. She’s wearing a crazy pink cardigan and her hair is flaming red. She’s also dancing around the kitchen with a spatula in her hand! Her name is Jane or Janet, something that starts with a J. Can anyone take that?”

And then whomever in the audience recognizes that as their Nana or someone they know, they raise their hand and the reading goes from there. Full disclosure…. I don’t do that type of reading.

Honestly, there’s nothing in me that ever wants to be on a stage with all those eyes watching me doing a Gallery Reading. Like in my Animal Communication readings, I prefer to have a direction. And I’m much better with one. In other words, when someone comes to me for a reading I assume they’re hoping to connect with a certain loved one in Spirit, or a few of them. So I ask right up front, ‘who are you looking to connect with?’ BUT I only want the name, I don’t want any other information. It’s my job to allow the rest to come in from Spirit. Again, for some reason it just works better for me if I have an initial direction. So I go with it. Whatever works better for me ends up with me giving the best to the client.

And I think that’s pretty cool. Meaning, the fact that what works for someone else, doesn’t necessarily work for me, but I can find what does. I tell this to students that I work with all the time. We’re often taught something in a particular way. And that’s awesome! It’s a great starting point. But somewhere along the way, invariably, things will start to morph in to another way that works better for us. And that’s okay.

My point? I guess it’s just this. With everything in life, as they say…

You can go your own way.

Live and learn with love…

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