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Who’s with me?

So I’m pretty sure I don’t have to say this, because we all know it, but it’s been a hell of a couple of weeks. (I’m actually sure you’d all agree it’s been a hell of a year, but let’s not go there.) Right now I’m sure a lot of us are feeling this great divide here in the States, and maybe elsewhere too. People have been hurt. People have lost respect for one another. People have lost friends. Needless to say, we have some healing and mending to do. And I myself will absolutely admit I’ve been struggling with it all. I have (and my guess is you have too) wondered why some of the folks in my life have chosen to say or do some things…hell, I’ve wondered why I chose to say some things. But that has never lead me to stop loving these people in the slightest. 

Today I took a really long walk on the beach in an effort to gain control of my thoughts. And these are just a few of the things that came to me….

We all believe what we believe. And we believe these things for a reason. Is it because we were brought up a certain way? Is it because of where we grew up? Where we went to school? Something that happened to us when we were younger? It could be any one of those things, but the bottom line is those beliefs are ours. And here’s the big thing. We’re not wrong for what we believe.

We are passionate beings. Especially in times like these when we may feel there’s so much to gain or lose. And when we feel there is, it’s almost like something primal comes up. Like we, without even realizing it, move into a fight or flight response. And that can cause us to act in a way we may not normally, or say things we may not normally say. But we’re human and it happens.

We don’t have to give our power away. It feels to me over the past several weeks (months?) that many of us have been hanging a bit too closely to a state of fear. That, in my opinion, has been perpetuated by main stream and social media. So instead of thinking for ourselves, many of us (again, myself included at times) have listened to what someone else has told us to feel about something. But we don’t have to do that. We can look at a subject, listen to the opinions of others if we want, have a discussion about it, and then make up our own minds. That is our right.

And then this…

We can choose love. 

We can choose kindness. 

We can choose to vibrate on a higher level.     

We can choose to take the lessons we’ve learned during this period of time and move forward. I’m choosing to do all of the above. Who’s with me?

Live and Learn with love.

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