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Who is pushing the button?

So I have a morning ritual. I meditate, pull a few Animal or Tarot cards, and write a little in an Appreciation Journal. Just my way of starting my day off right. Often before I start this ritual I kind of put it out there what it is I’m trying to work on, or get clear on. The other morning I was working on feeling a bit left out of something that some of my colleagues are doing and I’m not. It was my choice not to join in, and it was the right choice for me, but my ‘I’m not good enough side’ keeps taking me down a path where I feel just that…since I’m not going, I’m not as good as them. Silly, I know. But I keep seeing them posting about it and all the great things that are happening while they’re all there. So that’s what I put out there the other morning and I kind of asked what should I do about how I’m feeling about this. Of course, as it always happens, really good answers came to me in my meditation and in the cards. And then….again, of course….came my morning Abraham-Hicks quote:

“When it feels to you as if someone is pushing your button, realize that you are the one with a great big button out there that is just begging to be pushed. If you don’t put it out there, no one will push it.”

 And it did make me realize. Not one of my colleagues is talking about this trip in order to make me feel bad about not going. None of them are saying that because I’m not there, I’m not as good as them. They’re all just totally psyched that they’re there. Their posting about it has absolutely nothing to do with me. The only reason I’m feeling pokey about it is that I’m allowing myself to. In other words, I’m wearing a great big button and I’m actually pushing it myself.
As little humans, we’re taught that we have to be like everyone else or we’re not good enough. We have to do what everyone else does or we just don’t measure up. And that sometimes sticks with us as we grow to big humans. Conformity? Keeping up with the Joneses? Whatever you call it. For some reason we sometimes feel if we’re not doing what everyone else is doing, we just don’t measure up.
But here’s the thing. Who do we not measure up to? If we allow others to dictate how we feel about ourselves, well that’s just silly. If we allow OURSELVES to make us feel bad about ourselves…or not good enough…then that’s just sad. So…..
Let’s stop pushing our own buttons shall we?
Live and learn in Munay.
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