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When Mom dropped in to say hello…

When you do the type of work I do, you kind of get used to receiving signs. Which just means that when you do the type of work I do…connecting energetically to people and animals…you have to stay very open and raise your vibration. This post is about a pretty cool sign.

So, I mentioned in my last post how I wasn’t all that sad to see 2018 leave and how things were a bit crazy over the last several months and how I was really trying to clean house, and move forward with a clean slate, getting back to manifesting, and living happily, and not worrying…and noticing the signs. Part of the ‘cleaning house’ stuff that has been going on over here is the renovation of an old deck, turned screened-in porch, now turned closed-in sitting room. The hubby and I do most of our own renovations in our house so we’ve spent the past month or more working on this room. A week or so ago, as we were finishing up and moving furniture and plants in, I was pretty deep in thought really trying to clear my head of all the stuff that was going on and I found myself asking for help. I felt so completely blocked that I just didn’t know what to do anymore. I found myself saying to the Universe, “I give up. Whatever is happening is happening for a reason, and my trying to control it so hard isn’t helping at all. I just have to let go, but I need help. Give me a sign you’re there!”

A little side note. Those of us whom have had a loved one pass are often looking for signs that that person is still with us. Still sending us messages. We yearn to see them or feel them. The problem is we’re often in a place of grief when we’re looking for the signs and grief is a pretty low vibration. I’ve heard many psychics and mediums and people I study with say that in order for someone on the other side to communicate with us, they have to drop down their vibrations and we have to raise ours. It’s sort of a meeting in the middle.

Back to the room renovation. I’ve had an old cedar chest of my Mom’s for well over 25 years. She gave it to me when they were moving out of the house we grew up in and downsizing. It’s just a plain chest with a lid and a small drawer at the bottom. This chest has moved with me at least twice and has been used for various things. We decided to move the chest in to the new room and put some plants on it. We get it in to place and I’m thinking about my Mom who passed in October 2014 and asking for that help when I get this ‘nudge’ to open the little drawer at the bottom. And there it is. My sign. A tiny little picture of my Mom when she graduated college cut out in a circle like you’d put in a locket. I’ve seen a larger version of the picture before, but this little one obviously has been in this chest since it was my Mom’s when she was growing up. How had I never come across this tiny picture before?

When I asked for help, when I let go, my vibration automatically raised. I moved myself up the emotional scale and I opened myself up for a sign. And my beautiful little Mom dropped down to say hi…

The moral of the story is: Step back. Let go. And allow all those amazing little things to show themselves.

Live and learn in Munay.

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