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What lights you up? And are you doing it?

So I’ve got to say this. I’m having a blast lately. There is absolutely so much going on in my life that it’s crazy. And really, I probably should be feeling insanely stressed and overwhelmed, but, I’m just not. Because I LOVE what I’m doing. I’ve just finished a class that allows me to officially teach Soul Level Animal Communication® for Danielle MacKinnon and I’ve already set up my first course. I’m also seeing clients on a regular basis and I’ve taken on a new position within the Animal Communicator community I’m associated with. Again, it’s a LOT.

I truly believe that if all of this was going on but it was stuff that just didn’t ring my bell as it were, I’d be crying myself to sleep at night because it would all just feel like too much. And actually, I remember feeling that way way back when I was working in the corporate world doing stuff that I thought I should love, but really didn’t. I had a conversation with a friend today about the services she was offering to clients and what should stay and what should go. She was talking about this one service she offered and how she doesn’t think that folks really understand it, so she was considering taking it off her website as an option. But the thing was, when she talked about it, she absolutely lit up! You could tell that she just loved this thing! And it made me think….

As humans, we spend a ridiculous amount of time doing things that we think we should, or that we went to school for, or that someone else says will be great for us to do. And often, we’re miserable doing those things. We often discount the things that make our hearts sing. It’s like we’re stuck in this place where we can’t even see out enough to realize we hate where we are.

So here’s what I propose. How about we allow ourselves to dream a bit, and we allow that dream to get bigger and bigger and bigger. And eventually, we go from being a stressed out corporate lacky to a super excited Animal Communicator…or your version of that.

How about it?

Live and learn in Munay.

Ps. For more information about the Soul Level Animal Communication® 101 Course, click on the Services link on my site.

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